China Shanghai Coal Exchange

Bravowhale has partnered with the Shanghai Coal Exchange, China's only national coal exchange, to create the world's first Blockchain-based platform for financing of commodity trading, based on provable cashflows. This brings greater volume and wider participation, and spreads risk for the exchange.

  • Real Time Asset Tracking
  • Smart Contract Automation
  • Working Capital Transparency

Auto Loan Digitization and Securitization

Bravowhale is working with small to medium sized auto loan providers in China to help them get additional financing. Smaller auto loan providers could not gain access to corporate bond markets and their portfolio size was limited by the amount of equity they can invest. Bravowhale is providing a customized blockchain solution to help auto loan companies track and verify all loan payments, as well as track vehicle and insurance data through 3rd party verification. This allowed larger financial institutions to bundle loan portfolios from multiple companies to create new securities and inject fresh capital to the auto loan companies and give them the ability to expand their portfolios.

  • Transparent Pool of Digitized Assets
  • 3rd Party Verification
  • Securitize Based on Cashflows

TecArasi (Japan) Cross Border Investment

Bravowhale and TecArasi are revolutionizing the equity investment market in China and bringing investors from outside China, by providing multi-directional transparency throughout the investment process.

  • Blockchain Secured Due Diligence Process
  • Real Time Company Performance Dashboards
  • Detailed Updates on Investment Milestones
  • Tracking GP Financial Activities